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Thomas Stout

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As the mechatronics program head and dean of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at the Chesapeake Campus, Thomas Stout is a vocal advocate of TCC’s high-tech educational opportunities.


As a TCC Foundation donor, he’s a humble and matter-of-fact college supporter, working behind-the-scenes to contribute to a cause he loves.


His area of choice? The mechatronics dual enrollment program scholarship fund.


The dual enrollment program enables high school students to graduate high school with one industry credential as well as earn the Certificate in Mechatronics from TCC. With support from Chesapeake Public Schools and Chesapeake Economic Development, Tom and the Educational Foundation have been raising money from local employers and community members since the curriculum launched.


Growing up in a single parent home, Tom recalls that college was a distant dream. “I was told in high school that I wasn’t college material,” he said. “I’m glad that I didn’t take that to heart.”


“For me supporting this scholarship is about helping students prepare for the road ahead,” Tom said. “If you can use your hands and brains to make something, you always have a good paying career.”


So far, he estimates that his contributions have supported two students through the scholarship program.


And the experience has really driven his interest in donating; “I really didn’t have the impetus to give or a philanthropic direction until we founded the scholarship,” Tom said. “Giving is such a personal decision. I want to know where my money is going – to know that there is a purpose behind my donation.”


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