the Merrymaker

Cheerful - Traditional - Faithful

You are a true idealist, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of times, searching for ways to make things better. You are always giving people the benefit of the doubt. Thanks to your rosy outlook, you find harmony wherever you go.


You value tradition and are a loyal and generous contributor. You prefer to focus your attention on just a single worthy cause. The holiday season never fails to put you in a charitable mood!


Your altruism and idealism reward causes that inspire compassion, kindness, and beauty.

Experience the joy of giving.

Embrace the holiday spirit by donation on Giving Tuesday, sponsoring an Angel Tree child or making a tax-deductible gift.


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Merrymakers in action

how merrymakers can lend a hand

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Featured Merrymakers

Debra DeMills-Smith

Debra DeMills-Smith

Since 1997 TCC, Norfolk has participated in The Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas fundraiser. Debra DeMills-Smith leads the effort – picking up children’s names and encouraging TCC staff and employees to donate.

Linda Jacobs

Linda Jacobs

Identifying just one worthy cause is hard for Linda, she’s the first to admit, but she knew the organization she wanted to recommend for the Classified Association community service project this year as soon as she saw it.