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Organized - Dependable - Down-to-Earth

You are decisive and ambitious with a well-planned, structured style of giving. You pride yourself on your logic and seek order in all aspects of your life.


No procrastination here! You’re always two steps ahead and moving through your checklist at a break-neck speed.


You’re a strategic thinker, so when you donate you prefer an automated system that allows you to conserve energy. So, you donate a specific percentage of your salary – and save the receipts for a tax deduction in the spring.

Plan for everything.

Keep education affordable by setting up a simple automatic donation through payroll deduction or consider making a planned gift.


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Edna Baehre-Kolovani

Edna Baehre-Kolovani

“Even a small gift can make the biggest difference for our students."

Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw has been giving to Tidewater Community College since 1987, when, as assistant to the president, he helped oversee the Educational Foundation as it raised its first million dollars.