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Marilyn Hodge

Adventurer |

Dean of Student Services, Virginia Beach Campus

Students, faculty and staff (plus a few pets!) came together to represent Tidewater Community College at the Samaritan House Stop the Violence 5K on Sunday, October 16, 2016. TCC was the largest team at the 5K and won medals in two categories.


TCC participants included Andrea Palmisano, Savanah Lareva, Jennifer McQueen, David Palmisano, Meagan Roche, Pamela Rogers, Alesia Wroten, Jennifer Jarvis, Marilyn Hodge, Laura Soulsby, Douglas McQueen, Tricia Swoope, Grace Murray, Sonya Landas, Terri Dees, Cassandra Harris, Joyce David, Ann Ok, Royce Griffin, Laura Fuller, and Nikki Duncan-Tally.