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Kevin McCarthy

Team Player |

First-Year Success Coordinator, Chesapeake Campus

Kevin McCarthy (far right) didn’t really have a plan to volunteer when he became a full-time TCC employee 12 years ago.


But when a colleague, the Commencement volunteer coordinator, couldn’t make it to graduation, McCarthy didn’t hesitate to jump right in. He was so good at wrangling the volunteers and drumming up support, the graduation committee told him to take over.


It was a role he enjoyed doing for almost a decade around his full-time job on the Chesapeake Campus. “Finding the time was easy; I just worked it into my calendar and thought of it as part of my job description.”


For the past three years, Kevin has found a new way to keep the event fun and on-time through his alter ego, a graduation hype-man known as “DJ Kevy Kev.”


As TCC’s “graduation emcee,” DJ Kevy Kev is a charming ringmaster, engaging antsy students and organizing the processional from his backstage podium with regular announcements, jokes and, yes, music.


“I love graduation. You get to be around everyone and celebrate the fruits of our labor. All the students you work with – you want to see them through to the end of their journey with us. They deserve to have a celebration of their accomplishments. It’s meaningful.”


Outside of Commencement, Kevin also donates his time to students through service-learning projects in the community, like a recent recycling event organized through the TCC C.A.R.E.S. club.


His advice for colleagues looking to get involved? “Just reach out. We’re always looking for volunteers. The more people help, the stronger our institution becomes.”